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Viljo Hurme (1893-1987)

Viljo Hurme is best known for his watercolors from the 1920s and 1930s. People working in the countryside, small everyday moments, lively village scenes and portraits reflect mastery of watercolor technique and sensitivity to emotions. In the 1930s, Hurme started doing oil paintings and he became a very popular portrait painter. His production in the 1950s consisted of intimate depictions of interiors and still lifes. In the 1960s, the artist´s expression changed into articulations that pushed the borders of representative art.

Viljo Hurme´s artistic career was exceptionally long and prolific. From the age of 16 when he began his art studies, he painted on a daily basis and, in his own words, a painting a day. He finished his last work at the age of 94, four days before his death in in June 1987. In his nearly 80-year career, thousands of tableaus were born from Hurme´s brush.

Viljo Hurme donated over 500 paintings to a foundation carrying his name and established in 1982. The artist´s home in Muurla, which was bequeathed to the foundation, opened its doors to the friends of Hurme´s art in June 1987.

Viljo Hurme Foundation

The Artist Viljo Hurme Foundation has deposited in the care of the Salo Art Museum a large part of the Viljo Hurme works that it owns. In addition, the Hurme Foundation is adding to its art collection through acquisitions from young artists. The new purchases are also deposited in the Art Museum, which takes care of the Foundation´s works as if they were its own. The Foundation´s works are primarily placed in various city offices. Available in the museum shop is a publication that talks about Hurme, as well as postcards.

Foundation commissioner Karoliina Erkintalo +358 44 5473318.

Picture: Viljo Hurme, Shoemaker