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24.9.2021–9.1.2022 PETRI ALA-MAUNUS

Petri Ala-Maunus (b.1979) is well-known for his landscape paintings, which, at a first glance, look like romantic pastoral scenes from the 19th century. In his paintings, the majestic scenes have become larger and more impressive than reality. Executed with great attention to detail, the artworks look photographic. Sometimes the colour palette looks as though it was limited to three or four tones with an image editing programme, sometimes even just black and white.

These paintings depict nature as something untouched, almost heavenly, showing no people or signs of destruction caused by human beings. Or do they? In some of the works, Ala-Maunus breaks the illusion by adding drips or areas of garish colour that stand out from the rest of the painting, or leaves parts of the surface unpainted. Ala-Maunus interest in popular music, steaming from experiences in his youth, can be seen in the content of his video work as well as in his paintings. Along side these themes, Ala-Maunus has also maintained a diary of self portraits of which there are more than 3900 made over the last four years.

In addition to his most recent work, this large solo exhibition of Petri Ala-Maunus showcases artwork from public and private collections retrospectively from the past ten years or so.

Photo: Petri Ala-Maunus, Re-imagining Rurality, 2020. Photo Jefunne Gimpel

25.9.2021-9.1.2022 JUHA JORO, Photographes / Gallery Sidetrack
Graphic artist and photographer Juha Joro (born 1957) shows his work in the museum gallery Sidetrack.



18.11. at 6.30 pm CONCERT
Finnish evening with soprano Katri Jalonen / piano Esa Ylönen.
– duration 1 hour
– program 15 euros (cash)


The building of the Salo Art Museum is an old locomotive shed. More than 100 years old, the roundhouse has in its history gone through several phases of expansion. As a result of the last expansion, the building was converted into a modern art museum. The old brick section was renovated into exhibition halls, and next to that was built a new section, in which offices and work areas, art storage, and an on-demand café are located. The roundhouse was opened as an art museum in October 1998.


In the inner courtyard of the museum stands a locomotive on the rotating turntable. The locomotive was purchased at the time of the museum´s opening from the Locomotive Park of Haapamäki. The renovation of the “chicken” type of locomotive was done by the Locomotive Museum Association of Haapamäki. The locomotive is dated to 1921, and it was in use until 1970. It got its nickname due to its characteristic “pecking” type of movement.