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28 January – 23 April 2023
A Real and Vivid Life – Sculptor Ben Renvall 1903–1979

The Salo-born sculptor Ben Renvall (1903-1979) was a skilled and well-rounded expert when it comes to sculpture materials. He regarded himself first and foremost as a ceramicist, and was interested in different casting methods, finishes and techniques.

Renvall’s miniature sculptures ooze his expressive and positive attitude towards depicting  life in the Finnish countryside in a “vivid and real” manner. Works celebrating the female form are also exhibited, without forgetting the statue of Lauri the Blacksmith, the harbinger of spring in Salo, which is crowned on the First of May, or the Jussi Awards, a famous prize in the film industry.

Picture: Sam Vanni, Portrait of Ben Renvall, 1930.