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28.1.–23.4.2023 The 90th Anniversary of Turku Printmakers Association – Printed Worlds

Heli Kurunsaari, Ghostfield, woodcut, 2019.

Printed Worlds, the 90th anniversary exhibition of Turku Printmakers Association provides an overview of the current state and methods of printmaking in Turku and the rest of Finland. The exhibition has been curated by artist, printmaker Juha Joro, and it includes works by twelve members of Turku Printmakers Association: Annika Dahlsten, Markku Haanpää, Katri Ikävalko, Sirkku Ketola, Heli Kurunsaari, Miina Laine, Teija Lehto, Sara Manninen, Laura Miettinen, Tiina Vainio, Hanna Varis and Jirko Viljanen. The exhibition sheds light on the special nature of printmaking as a visual art form, and some of the techniques date back hundreds of years.